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As Seen On MMO!

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6th June 2007

boojoh6:16pm: Small Pets and Big Players
WoW and GWCollapse )
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30th May 2006

dramatis11:29am: Another
While I was playing this weekend, I caught a much, much neater shot of the aurora over Qufim Island that I posted last time. Thought I'd share. Link goes to a wallpaper-sized version, like anyone but me is into this. >:-) Also, since I don't want to post a single pic and run, I dug up a couple more from my FFXI gallery that might be fairly interesting.


And the couple more...Collapse )

15th May 2006

dramatis6:12am: FFXI scenery
Hi. I'm new, and I have an unfortunate liking for wallpaper-quality scenery screenshots. :3

A rainbow in La Theine Plateau

3 moreCollapse )

30th April 2006

sdroid8:24am: Hey, brand new here :)

Here's a couple shots from Guild Wars: Fractions
Read more...Collapse )

7th April 2006

empimp8810:26am: Hi I'm new so I'll pst pics.
Here are some of my WoW pics. Read more...Collapse )

28th February 2006


Level 30, with my mechanical squirrel and my newest creation, a mechanical dragonling.

23rd January 2006


My new main in WoW. Level 15.

24th June 2005

The aura things in front of Castle Zvahl Baileys

6th June 2005

Nice Sea Horror ^-^ /pet

4th June 2005

Scorpions: The new Chocobo

1st June 2005

When you wear a Subligar in public, even shop keepers will be afraid to serve you.

29th May 2005

"We attack at dawn!"

27th May 2005

Run little Alraune, run!

10th May 2005

mewten6:37pm: ffxi stuffCollapse )

8th May 2005

One of the cooler things I've stumbled upon in Guild Wars.

4 moreCollapse )
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5th May 2005

Aren't our puppies cute?

He's not only big, he's ugly too!

5 moreCollapse )
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1st May 2005

boojoh4:08pm: Some From My World of Warcraft Archive

Never get involved in a naked gnome brawl.

3 more imagesCollapse )
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nose_master6:20am: Cut, because some of the pics are kinda largeCollapse )

My entire album. I won't post all my old ones.
boojoh2:38am: asommo~!
I'll start things off with a couple images I grabbed from Guild Wars the other day.

A monstrous tomb, hidden beneath the depths of Old Ascalon.

The tower at Wizard's Folley.
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